Bad ad! Go stand in the Badland corner


Bad ad! Go stand in the Badland corner


sandeepmakam reckons that these BBC "corner" ads, are a bit like these Ariel Street corner ads, where the you need whole picture to see what is going on.

I wonder, when did billboards start covering corners? What next? We got roofbillboards, floorbillboards and doorbillaboards already.


About 8 9 10 years ago Labatt Blue did print/outdoor in Canada showing interesting character A walking down one street toward a corner about to run into interesting character B coming down the other. No I can't remember any of 'em.

Exactly. It's been done before because this is just a simple media solution. The creativity is in how it's used. So I don’t feel necessarily inclined to call it a badlander...

Same media idea, but different executions. As long as the reasons for using both sides are distinct, I wouldn't condemn. But the campaign about two unlikely people walking toward each other sounds awfully close to this Ariel idea.

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