Badland: now PUMA jumps on the 8-bit bandwagon too

Sure sure, this is a stylistic dupliclaim only, but since that Nike ad that had the same base idea as the 2009 Adidas ad was only posted a few days ago, I had to add this now that I've seen it. I's a pixel race! Like an old-school video game! Selling sports shoes! Puma Run!

It's all a little bitmappy to me, and a surprising re-trend since the style of flipflopflyin's pixel pop portraits had it's heyday back in 1999 but I guess the younger generation was still in diapers then, or perhaps they were preparing to pen their entitled response to the shitstorm they accidently kicked up by suggesting only people under 25 should work in social media...... Like Murtough, I'm way too old for this shit, so I'll just ask y'all to kindly step off my lawn.