Badlandamaged in da brain

Is there a support group for adgrunts like myself, or do I have to start one? The addiction started well over ten years ago when I began posting Badlanders like Preem vs Good Guys Auto, welcome to Marlboro ads, Bang Bang you're copied, three drinks do the same thing - it got so bad I felt like I had double vision when looking at Nazi meat? posters.

More recently, I can't watch telly without feeling that I've seen it all before- or listen to the radio. In this thread at Bold they applaud a radio campaign where author Björn Ranelid reads from the Clas Ohlson (hardware store) catalogue in his signature way. All I could think was that Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten fame reading from the Hornbachs catalogue was a much better match! Blixa #1, Blixa #2, Blixa #3, Blixa #4.

Now SIBA (home electronics etc) are running a campaign where two SIBA workers discuss how to make SIBA more attractive to customers, apart from having the lowest prices that is. They dream up silly ideas like cheerleaders dancing around screaming "lowest prices" and filling the shop with balls "you know.. for kids.." before coming to their senses. Tagline then states "when you're not number one, you try harder". Gee, where have I heard that before? For over forty years? I've seen the 'ad classics' ripped off before, Mama Mia that's a spicy meatball had herrings in the Swedish version, or simply nodded to as in this homage to Volkswagen - but nicking the entire strategy, translating the tagline and then calling it your own? So sad.

And now jagksa reminded us all of an ancient ad that used that transparancy trick so in vougue in 2006 in the comments to the Amnesty campaign. I can't even keep up these days! Is there really nothing new under the sun? I hope next years award-rounds prove me wrong. It's getting depressing.