Banned ads collection on the web

Best rejected collects banned TV poster and print ads into a book, and share some of their finds on their website. While you'll recognise most of them from the banned ads topic as they were reported, collecting them all in one site - and eventually one fat book - is a neat idea from Berlin Press.
Meanwhile in the UK, Channel 4 decided to show all those ads they "couldn't" show on the air, in their documentary "X-Rated, Ads They Couldn't Show" , those of you who torrent may try to dig this one up at UKNova. In the show we'll see Kylie on the mechanical bull again, the VW "bollocks" advert and other really ancient ads like the dead hamster one that once aired and then were pulled off the air.

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    It always strikes me as humourous when they air those "what we couldnn't air" TV spot programmes. If they couldn't show it the first time why is it ok to air it now? ;)

    Nov 01, 2005

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