Bansky frees his art online

All of the Bansky art on his website is free right now. If you look around eBay for Bansky art you'll find plenty. describes how fans queue for Bansky art - and apparently turned around and sell it for profit at once, sort of like scalping tickets.

Over the next two hours, all 1000 copies were sold for £100 apiece, with proceeds going to a charity for children in Bangladesh. But the next day scores of the prints were fetching up to £800 on auction website eBay.

Perhaps that ticked Bansky off? The kids in Bangladesh could use a few more bob, surely. Is this why all of the stencils available on his website are now downloadable for free with suggestions on how to best print them?
But another buyer, Cathryn Taylor, 24, from Tooting, said: "Banksy is anti-capitalist and wouldn't want people to buy his pieces just to sell on for profit."
from Laughing all the way to the Banksy. Artist statement or not, this is your chance to get a some funky stencil art desktop wallpaper.

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  • malkie66's picture

    He says on the site "Please do not use this service to launch your own poster company or t-shirt line.". I bet the Chinese screen-printers are running hot as we speak.

    Jan 12, 2007