Barbie attacks Mattel over slaughtering Indonesian rainforest

SCPR reports that Ken finally dumped Barbie: Barbie it's over; I don't date girls that are into deforestation.. Actually it was Greenpeace who protested outside Mattel over Indonesian rainforest. Turns out there's mixed tropical hardwoods used in toy packaging! Why on earth would they be so wasteful, all my "new" floors in this house are recycled woods, and they slushing up virgin rainforest just to wrap up a few dolls? "Wrap" isn't the right word for it, anyone else notice how it takes a box of hardware tools, including screwdrivers, to get into doll-packaging these days? I swear they're doing that to torture us parents.

Forensic testing of packaging around products sold by other toy makers – including Disney, LEGO and Hasbro – revealed rainforest fibers and pulp in their boxes too, according to Greenpeace. Those toys and their packaging are sold in Europe and Asia. "Most of the leading companies including Hasbro, Disney and others have really yet to address this problem," Greenpeace senior forest campaigner Rolf Skar said outside Mattel's offices. "But Mattel is the biggest toy maker and they’ve been ignoring this problem for too long."
Protesters unfurled a large banner from the roof of Mattel headquarters with an image of an angry Ken that read "BARBIE: IT'S OVER; I don't date girls that are into deforestation." Below that was a link to a website, , which leads to a Greenpeace Facebook page for the campaign.

Here's a clip of super-cute Barbie, portrayed by Elise Nabors, getting detained by the police for driving her pink bulldozer down Continental Boulevard.

... So Ken doesn't like deforestation, while Elizabeth Hurley thinks some deforestation is good. Glad we cleared that up.

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