Barking mad dog billboards


Barking Billboards is a new media company, attaching small billboards to dogs with velcro.

"Everybody loves dogs!" declared Farrel Green, a 36-year-old former internet entrepreneur who was spending the weekend walking his foot-high miniature schnauzer, Harry, through the throngs of stars who pitched up downtown for the inaugural TriBeCa film festival (Robert DeNiro, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela; even, apparently, Adam Sandler). But Harry was attracting even more attention than most New York dogs, because - like several other canines milling around the festival - he was wearing a billboard advertising a sleek TriBeCa bar and restaurant called Grace. The billboard was Green's idea, and it might yet make him a millionaire.
"We're paying up to $100 an hour for people to walk their dogs," said Green, the founder and - for now - sole full-time employee of Barking Billboards.
"Anywhere in the world, if you have a dog - say you're walking through London, or England, or wherever - people gonna look your way. If you don't have one, you're going to wish you had one." He thought about this for a moment. "Except the Asian continent. They eat dogs. I know that, because my fiancee's Filipino."
Harry would have looked apprehensive at this point, if it wasn't for the fact that he was a dog.

What ad would you place in this media?

UPDATE See also Guerrilla advertising has gone to the dogs for a Swedish version of this ad space.

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