Barney really does love you

Two kids who wanted to "sing along with Barney" instead discovered a photo of a man and woman in a naked embrace.

The photo, which ran under the words "Wilder Sex," was in a "Sing-Along Songs Barney" book a couple bought for their 4- and 7-year-old children.

The children found the photo when a plastic panel fell off the book, along with the English headline "Wilder Sex," the page included other adult movie reviews, written in German, that were rated with pairs of lips instead of the more commonly used stars.

Publications International Ltd., the book's Illinois-based publisher, has had similar problems in the past and claims the China-based company that produces books is to blame for the errors.

Cnn reports " Publications International officials were not immediately available for comment. They noted in a letter to the family the picture was not especially shocking.

"The material is no more graphic than what's seen on magazines, billboards and TV every day," the letter said. "

So now we know what Barney means by "we're a happy family"..

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