Bauhaus tries to sell fashion with oppression images found these ads that ran in Next Magazine Hong Kong that are very strange. It looks like Bauhaus has been inspired by every Diesel ad ever made without quite getting it, a little bit of the Diesel Korea campaign - where huge posters selling western anorexic ideals would hover over a crowd of "Chinese" workers - a dash of the plastic faces campaign and a big wallop of no clue.

These ads for Bauhaus clothing depict a man hung for the crime of not ratting out his HIV+ friend, and a monogamous couple being burned at the steak for being monogamous. Someone please enlighten me to what the hell is going on here?

After all that hard work on provoctive imagary and attention to gory realistic details, they fail to translate things correctly making one headline read "Charged for befriending a ragged burn on the street" and the man holding a rifle looks like he's never seen on before in his life.

Next Magazine site

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Don't strain yourself dear. ;)

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These are very strange ads. I don't get them either.

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It's all well beyond strange.. These ads showing all kinds death penalties for simple human behavior are being shown in a undemocratic country known for it's oppressive regime? I'm sorry, I think irony just killed itself.

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hehe, irony might be dead. These ads aren't attracting even half the comments as that LaChapelle BK ad.... Wonder what that means? :)

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I think it means that we have run out of outrage.
I can't work up the energy to do anything but roll my eyes about this stupid campaign.