The Bavaria girls world cup orange dress stunt is still causing headache for Fifa

Short recap: a flock of pretty blond girls attended the Denmark-Netherlands game wearing teeny orange dresses. The dresses came free with a sixpack of Bavaria Beer, and by halftime they were ejected from the stadium for engineering a marketing stunt in a Budweiser sponsored event. This story has everything, scantily clad ladies, sacked TV personalities, even diplomatic tension as Fifa brings charges over "ambush marketing".

The images of the ladies in their little orange dresses were cabled out all over the world, and the
Bavaria beer site traffic rocketed after world cup stunt. The women are less exited about the sudden interest, Dispatch reports that they feel ‘traumatised’, while Fifa are ‘appalled’, and the Bavaria brewery is ‘concerned’. There's also an investigation in to how Robbie Earl's tickets ended up in the women's hands, and how on earth did he even manage to get 40 tickets? Either way, he's now sacked from being an ITV pundit‎. That'll teach him.

Meanwhile the Times quips: Fifa ambushes itself. Again
Please, Diego, do something to upset this humourless lot

on Tuesday, I resolved to invest in a six-pack of this fascinating Dutch pilsener. Me and millions of other World Cup onlookers now reckon that Bavaria is a rebellious, sexy, fun and edgy beverage. Wrongly, of course, because a beer is a beer is a beer. It's innately fun, no matter what the label says. Allow any carbohydrate to ferment for a while and you have yourself an edgy beverage.
For Bavaria, the beautiful thing is that they did not engineer this marketing miracle. Fifa did it for them, on behalf of Budweiser, the World Cup sponsors they were attempting to protect.

The two Dutch ladies arrested have been released on bail and seem very relieved by that.

Meanwhile, says this is to be published in all the newspapers.

Dear Fifa,
Although the management of Bavaria resent the accusation made by Fifa and another beer maker that Bavaria have impinged on the rights of said beer maker, Bavaria have decided to send the so-called ‘Bavaria Babes’ home to the Netherlands.
The girls, as you can imagine, are heartbroken, and so are we at Bavaria. We do not feel we, Bavaria, have done anything wrong. All Bavaria have done is bring a little cheer to the boys who are doing their best to take our country to the finals and, by all accounts, to the millions of people all over the world who have been watching the games so far.
At no point have the girls initiated chants ‘Bavaria, Bavaria, Bavaria is best’ or ‘Bavaria, the beer of champions’, nor did their dress show any connection with our brand (Bavaria).
We, at Bavaria, are very sad to have to deprive the public of this innocent and light hearted representation of Dutch high spirits.
We are sorry if Bavaria have caused offence and we, at Bavaria, have now effectively put an end to any suggestion of a link between the world championship and Bavaria.
Yours respectfully, The Bavaria management.

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Since URL shortners are the devil (and this is not twitter), I swapped yours for the destination URL.

Hey, how many women were there now? I read "36" in several of the news reports (that I've linked) but your post says 26. Either way, you're absolutely right - I too doubt anyone would have thought "Bavaria" about those girls if it hadn't been for the helping hand of Fifa.

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Thanks for de-deviling my link! Perhaps I accidentally lost 10 orange women somewhere along the way... Loving your work by the way.