BBDO's billboard creative vision.


BBDO in Copenhagen are trying to shake up the utter monotone of Danish Optrician chains branding, and do so with a different look on billboards. Their client Profil Optik now own the largest frames in Denmark.

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Art Director: Carsten Michelsen
production: Koehler Display

This poster is part of a little media competition called Speakers Corner.
The rules on who can participate is the usual regurgitation of the top five agencies; any agency that has done exellent posters previously, is invited to do a great poster again for one of their clients. The media space is donated, the printing costs etc are the agencies. Earlier posters in the series include this one for psychiatric fund from EnVision.

So far, BBDO, EnVision and Leo Burnett have done posters, Y&R and &Co will soon step up to the batting plate.

Once all the invited agencies have finished their posters, other Copenhagen agencies can try and join by sending their name and adress to Speakers Corner and hope they win the luck of the draw.

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  • blabla's picture

    BBDO has been framed. heh. BBDO sees the big picture....

    Oh dear, I'm in a pun-drought. someone please help.......

    Nov 20, 2003
  • tlevitz's picture

    I'm reminded of the optician's billboard from the Great Gatsby... wasn't there a giant pair of specs? Big fat symbolism and all that.

    Nov 20, 2003

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