Be The (Mad) Man in the Gray Flannel* Suit


Be The (Mad) Man in the Gray Flannel* Suit


Brooks Brothers has announced the Exclusive Mad Men Edition Suit, "directly inspired by the razor sharp 1960s tailoring favored by the characters of Don Draper and Roger Sterling."

There are only 250 of the $998 suits available and, though it looks like they can be ordered online, they're also in 11 select stores. But most of us are just going to have to Mad Men ourselves the the old-fashioned way.

So, I'm figuring that the Banana Republic cross-promotion is over; I kinda had doubts about anyway. And, while Brooks Brothers is maybe not be as hip as the show is, the links and extras there on the site are smart, and I think this is a much better fit.**

* The BB version is actually "static" sharkskin. And spelled "grey."

** 38 Long, 32/34 for me, if you're buying.


Aaagh! Rookie move, double-post! Da, help!

Fixed it. :)

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