The Beancast 134: Flash Photo Lawsuit

I was far too buzzed on an energy drink that tastes just as bad as you'd think when The Beancast kicked off a show discussing that flash photo BMW ad, Net Neutrality, the new buzzword "Social Video" set to take over after Viral is now deemed officially dead as a word, and global car brand names. It really is a miracle I didn't cuss on the show considering what that Honda was named in Norway....

Toward the end of the show, I talk a bit about a Robyn video: the "killing me" video, in case you missed it.

Had a blast with Bill Green (@mtlb ), our favorite Make the Logo Bigger Art Director and the and Co-Host of AdVerve, got to hang with Matt Ridings, ( @techguerilla ) a Marketing Consultant who writes at The Tech Guerilla, and Peter Shankman, (petershankman ) Author/Speaker at Be sure to get the show on iTunes or simply download it right now, but you'll have to wait for the outtakes to hear us cussing.

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