BeanCast 152: You Can Turn It On It's Side


BeanCast 152: You Can Turn It On It's Side


I had the pleasure of joining the Beancast last night for BeanCast Episode 152: You Can Turn It On It's Side, where dusty old jokes were told, facebook was hated upon and new ways of using the Pepsi Social Vending machine were invented. One of the ideas was to have it shoot Pepsi cans in the nuts of people, but there's better ones. ;)

On the show, apart from our gracious host Bob Knorp ,were Saul Colt ( @saulcolt ), Head of Magic, Freshbooks and the man with the jokebook for this show. Bill Green. ( @mtlb ) Creative Strategist, BFG Communications and the man behind make the logo bigger, also co-host of Adverve. John Wall, ( @johnjwall ) the co-host of Marketing Over Coffee.
Also on, me! You can find me @dabitch on twitter but I reco @adland for adstuffs. And this is the Pepsi social vending machine we wish to hack to shoot cans into nuts of people instead. We brought up the Coke facebook Like village as an example of good social media soda-pop work. Props.


It's? It is?

Yep, that's what he dubbed it. It's (as in it is) said in the show - pretty sure I just propagated his typo. :P

Poor Bob. See his tweet , hehe.

The worst is a typo in blog post headline. Because now I can't change it without breaking every link I've spread. Sigh.

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