The Beancast: AT&T needs blondes.


The Beancast: AT&T needs blondes.


In this weeks addition edition* of the Beancast I forgot to think before I spoke again, and blurted out something that had us all in giggles. Who is we? Make The Logo Bigger Bill Green, Greg Verdino, the Chief Strategy Officer of Crayon (cue a sad crayon joke from me, of course), Ben Kunz, Director of Strategic Planning at Mediassociates who also blogs at Thought Gadgets, and the host of Beancast himself Bob Knorpp.
Itunes folks head straight to download this ipod ready mp3. If ya dig it (which I am sure you will) autosubscribe with iTunes via this link.

*I didn't get much sleep. MmmmKay?

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