The Beancast: Googlerola and news from ten years ago.


Posting this now, as the Beancast show that we just recorded is up now, and I can for once beat Bob to a post about his own show. Woo!

I'm hopped up on an energy drink called "white cola" (which is neither white, nor does it taste anything like cola) so I won't be getting any sleep until Tuesday anyway. In this weeks episode, the Ad contrarian, ( @adcontrarian ), John Wall at roninmarketeer ( @johnjwall ) and Peter Shankman ( @petershankman ) gab about Google (again) and Nivea's uncivilized ad. That's when I mess up pronouncing Hadji Williams twitter handle something awful, it is @BlackCanseco but I said something that sounded closer to Crisco. WTH, Dabitch? I'm totally blaming the godawful energy drink for that.

I also managed to over-tell a bad Larry Page joke and make Bob feel a little slow on the news as he found out about digital ad insertions in re-runs now, when they've been doing it to Law & Order since 2001. I only tease because I love, Bob. ;) Will now have a celebratory energy drink as Bob Knorp finally called me Dabitch on the show, no sleep until Wednesday then. Or Brooklyn, whichever comes first.

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