The Beancast on Labor day: International edition

We interrupt this marathon posting of Swedish election ads so I don't run out in the streets and start a armed revolution against bland political ads, and to remind y'all that The Beancast: Episode 118: Ping Me is now available. In this episode, Mitch Joel ( @mitchjoel ), President, Twist Image, Ben Kunz, ( @benkunz ) Director of Strategic Planning, Mediassociates , Michael McSunas, ( @adlawguy ) Shareholder, Chabliss, Bahner & Stophel and I speak with Bob Knorp ( @thebeancast) about Apples Ping, Youtube's opt-out for advertisers, Viral videos, the New Digg and how to pronounce bizarre Swedish names. ;)
Since I can't do phonetic spelling, take note that å is pronounced like the "oa" from "oar", and in Swedish a "double-U" is called a "double-V" (just like in Spanish) . If you think that's confusing, I'll teach you how to count in Danish someday, where 'en og halvfjerds', or old-skool style 'en og halvfjerdsindstyve', literally means 'one and half-four-times-twenty' and that's how they say "seventy-one".

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