The Beancast: Meat, Conan vs Leno, Elephants and Google in China


The Beancast is up; Episode 87: Text For Haiti has Bill Green ( @mtlb ), Joseph Jaffe ( @jaffejuice ), Dave Wilkie ( @jetpacks ) and I talking about everything from Elephants replacing Tiger Woods to the Google Chinagate. It was my first time speaking with Jaffe, despite us running into each other countless times over the years on the web, very nice to "meet you" . ;)

But first, we spoke about Haiti and the Red Cross text message campaign that brought in so many millions of dollars. Joseph Jaffe is auctioning off a keynote by him, where the proceeds go straight to Haiti in full - check out more at a keynote for a cause.

Then we talked about those tweethearts featured in Vanity Fair. That photo of the lovely ladies wearing nothing but trenchcoats and heels set the whole article up wrong in so many ways. Will they flash us next?

Either way, @wilw is my twetheart. Mine I tell you! You can't have him. Oh, that's right, yes you can, all you have to do is follow him, brace yourself for laughs.

Edit: Oh, and if you stumbled over here from the Beancast and have been living under a rock last week, the Coke Happiness Machine is here, and the Coke's Happiness machine vs Nequicks talking vending machine is under that link.

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