Beckham drives a scooter for Adidas

In an advert that took six month to complete, Beckham, Zidane and other players scooter through Paris, Madrid, Seville and Lisbon to get to the game, Euro 2004. Like a cross between the Italian job and Quadrophenia, this road-movie ad shows all the players going to Lisbon, and reportedly cost £3million to make.

The ad is set to the soundtrack by Quincy Jones’ ‘It’s Caper Time’ from "the Italian job". Along the route the players, among them Patrick Vieira, Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard, meet up for kickoff in anything remotely resembling a pitch. Eventually they take on an entire Portuguese town, before finally the mod squad reaches Rossio, the main square of Lisbon.

Beckhams scooter is covered with mod emblems and crosses of St George, apparently he fancied it so much he had it shipped to his home.

The two-minute version of the ad will air on Sky Sports One Saturday 15th may for the first time, during the Soccer AM. Other airings will be a shorter 60-second version.

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