Behold, the USB Chainsaw iSaw, sharpest peripheral ever.

Thanks osocio, for making me shoot coffee out of my nose with this tweet : Long time ago I read your post about 'don't print mail signature' - now I see this:

A USB Chainsaw? "Never before has a chainsaw been made available in such a compact and mobile form." - I bet. Wonder if this will replace paper shredders in peoples offices now that everyone has a little more pent up anger to get out. For high-tech lumbersjacks on the go! Or use it to slice through all those TPS reports. Everyone once in a while a prouct comes along that you never knew how you lived without it. This is it, I'm now chainsawing my offices stale bread into slices - yiha!

BBH labs has more;

We first heard about the whole idea when our friends from BBH Asia Pacific got in touch. Inspired by mountains of uncollected pages on the printers in the office, they’d developed a unique, downloadable sound effect application of a chainsaw, designed to drive home a straightforward message: printing unnecessarily = killing trees.
Peter Callaghan, CD on the project, explains the brilliantly simple idea: “Papercut is a simple reminder of where paper comes from. When you press ‘print’, you’ll hear the roar of a chain saw. It is not to make you stop printing, just print less, using only what you need. Reminding people that printers run on trees.”
The next step was to orchestrate a campaign to encourage people to download the app. The team given that task, Noel Yeo and Shawn Loo, explained they were intrigued by the idea of creating a product, rather than a classic viral. And with that, the i.Saw was born. An entirely spoof creation, the i.Saw is a USB-powered chainsaw (the answer to all your office needs, natch) complete with its own lovingly created product page.

BBH Asia Pacific
Additional credits:
USB Chainsaw
ECD - Steve Elrick
Digital CDs - Noel Yeo, Shawn Loo
Producer - Shaun Lee
Designer - Jeff Mendoza
Props - Art Devil’s Production
Papercut Application
ECD - Steve Elrick
CD - Peter Callaghan
Art Director - Joseph Tay
Programmer - Nguyen Thanh Binh

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