Beko vs Samsung - fishes and tanks move toward external drive

Samsung Fishes
Beko Tanks

Here's a pretty classic visual Badlander that seems to have popped into creative teams head this spring.

The print ad fort Samsung computers, which shows goldfish swimming to the disc icon, was created by Impact BBDO in Dubai this february. Tagline: "leave nothing behind" - store it all on Samsung HDD.

The print ad for Beko which contains tanks all trekking toward the USB device in the corner of the TV-set, is created by TBWA, Istanbul and ran in April/May 2011 - headline is "The USB recordable TV." .

Similar visual execution, sure, but they're actually selling different things. Had they both chosen fish it would have been really funny, like with the case the Gametek vs The Economist spookily similar visual for two very different things.