The Big Bus Challenge 2011 winning idea was already done by WSPA in 2008

Ooops!. The Big Bus Challenge is a fun competition where the brief is to 'show off their skills with some brilliant Bus advertising', using the scale and shape of bus ads. The winning entry for the client Compassion in World Farming by ad agency Elvis Communications visually crammed sheep into the bus to remind us all that while we might think our commute stinks, animals have it far worse.

Which is all good, except WSPA already did exactly that back in 2008. On buses. And it was noticed.

To highlight the conditions that the animals endure, we covered a London double-decker with graphics of horses, sheep, cows and pigs seemingly squeezed into every corner of the bus. The bus was then driven across London and stopped in Trafalgar Square where members of the public and press were invited on board to view WSPA’s undercover footage. The next day, The Independent ran the story on their front page: view story.

I guess it was one of those "this idea is so nice, it must have been done before" moments. I'm pretty sure I've seen something similar earlier. Anyone else recall? Bueller...? Joelapompe?

Hat tip on twitter! @purplesime got it from @Clare1138