Björn loves John, plays vertical tennis live on billboard. Adidas & TBWA Japan did vertical football 2004.

It was a lovely sunny day this Saturday, and on the outside wall of the famous department store NK in Stockholm, Björn Borg met John McEnroe for a game of vertical tennis.

Except they were stuntmen, of course. "We couldn't convince the original players to do a re-match on the wall" said Pernilla Johansson, global PR-&-Event at Björn Borg, to

Speaking of non-originals, vertical tennis has been played on sides of big buildings before.

On the 29th of April this year, the Madrid Open opened with vertical tennis on a wall.

Back in 2008 there was a special installation billboard in Hamburg with a vertical tennis match.

Actually, this has been done by Carlsberg as well, so it's been spotted in Badland before: Vertical football times two - Carlsberg vs Adidas. The root? TBWA Japan had the entire world talking with their Adidas vertical football ad in 2004 - and they raked home the awards.