Blood in fountains? It's been done for bloody ever, kids.

True Blood season 4 stunt, Romania 2011
Blood in Trevi fountain 2007
Greenpeace anti-whaling April 2008
The Blood Fountain, Swansea 2011

Everyone seems agog with the Blood fountain stunt for True Blood in Romania. Feels like I've seen this before (I even thought I might have seen it for True Blood but I might have been thinking of Dexter's bloody urinals). From top to bottom, the most recent Blood Fountain stunt, Romania. Blood in Trevi fountain Italy 2007 to save polar bears, the Greenpeace anti-whaling April 2008 from Leo Burnett Shanghai, and The Blood Fountain in Swansea, Wales which recently ran red to promote National Heart Month. I'm sure there are more bleeding fountains out there.

So yes, we know we can add dye to water and get a cool effect kids. It's pretty neat, we'll agree.

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Update Badland Ninja Joelapompe also found a bleeding Dexter fountain from 2007.