Blue Crew HQ - Success or Failure?

Sears recently launched their Sears Blue Crew HQ Website. A futuristic "star trek" panel that serves as the retailer's portal to all its online properties, including:
- Sears Yard Guru
- Sears Chef Challenge
- Appliance matchmaker
- Blue Crew members

and the list goes on. It even has links to funny videos involving the blue crew. Obviously, this is a marketing ploy to promote all of its launched micro-sites and place it all in one central location for "ease and convenience," as Sears likes to say.

I think in theory, its a good idea. The layout is cool and it does have a cool "news hook" to it, but the actual Website/portal is another story. It's really difficult to navigate and see all of Sears microsites without getting dizzy.

I think if the design was better executed from a functionality standpoint opposed to relying solely on visuals, this would be more of a success.

Either way, I do like the Blue Crew HQ and I do believe it does provide convenience, ease and (probably because my connection is fast), I find it very valuable. I like having everything in one place instead of trying to remember all these links and the videos are cheesy in a good, funny kind of way.

What does everyone else think? Yay or Nay on their try to be cool in this century? (I'm a small, yay)

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