Boeing goes on the defensive - in an ad


Boeing goes on the defensive - in an ad

Accused of all sorts of misconduct and facing a federal investigation, Boeing Co. is expected to run a full-page ad in newspapers today featuring an open letter that defends the company's "integrity" and "honesty."

"It has become clear that some of our employees did not behave properly during the competition" over the rocket pact, Boeing Chairman Phil Condit says in the open letter.

By defending themselves in a 'public forum' Boeing is acknowledging for the first time publicly that some of its employees "behaved unethically".

LA times has the story reg required (free).

from LA times:

Five weeks ago, Boeing revealed that the Justice Department was investigating allegations that the company illicitly used documents obtained from Lockheed Martin to win the lucrative satellite rocket accord.

In turn, several government watchdog groups have stepped up their criticism of Boeing, challenging several large defense contracts the company has won.

Last month, the Pentagon approved a controversial $16-billion deal to lease 100 Boeing jetliners for the Air Force to use as aerial refueling tankers. Some members of Congress have criticized the deal as a handout to Boeing. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), for one, has called the deal a "military industry rip-off."

The attacks intensified last week when a watchdog group ran an ad in a Capitol Hill newspaper criticizing Boeing's business ethics.

The ad apparently prompted top Boeing executives to take the highly unusual step of responding publicly, a company source said.


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