Booking bands game!


Booking bands game!


The always creative people of Coudal have an interesting way of wasting time in their bathrooms... Writing on the walls is taken to a whole new level now that the agency started a strange game morphing band names with book titles. Yeah that's it, mash up a name of a book with the name of a band, and what do you get? Weirdness!

Booking Bands list the best and some of the rest. Coudal crew came up with these:
Catch 182
Horton Hears a Hoobastank
Of Mice and Men at Work
Bare Naked Lunch Ladies
The Agony and the XTC

Can you come up with better ones?

More fun with chalkboards, this flickr slideshow shows some kung fu chalkboard fighting.


Innnnteresting.....but that'd be a (at least) 20 year old idea - I saw t-shirts mashing band names together in the late 80's...

Weird but fun. It reminds me of something called the Hemingway Challenge. Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to write a story in six words. The result: "For sale, baby shoes, never used." It was rumoured that Hemingway thought this his greatest work. Other writers have offered their own:

"Father died. Mother triumphed. I left."
"Oh that? It's nothing. Not contagious."
"As she fell, her mind wandered."
"Mother's Day came, doubling Oedipus' pleasure."

and my favourite

"I saw. I conquered. Couldn't come."

Now there's a way to teach copywriting.

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