Boone/Oakley auctions superbowl ad on eBay


Boone/Oakley auctions superbowl ad on eBay


North Carolina based ad agency Boone/Oakley are auctioning away a 'creatively brilliant' commercial to be screened during the Super Bowl on eBay auction, hurry if you want it as the auction is soon closing.

Asked why his agency would make such an unusual offer, creative director David Oakley explains, "we must be nuts."

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Business Wire press release: The package went up for auction on November 4.


Clever stunt indeed. They got a lot of PR out of that one.

I was wondering the same thing Robblink - the bid is quite high, for only three "creative concepts" or three commercials.

Great news find Dabitch! EBay's going to make a ton from this auction!

I wonder about the bid price though. It seems kind of high for just two weeks of work. They did specify that media and production costs aren't included. Maybe the bidders didn't read the body copy?

There's body copy?

;) just teasing all writers out there. *teehee*

the smallprint:

**Production costs, media costs, and out-of-pocket expenses are not included.
***You are bidding on 2 weeks of our time to develop a brilliant Super Bowl commercial idea and the time it will take for us to supervise the production.
****We will present up to 3 concepts/directions for your approval

and naturally, they reserve the right to refuse service, all money would then be refunded.

Who won the bid? The winner's username isn't posted.

yeah, strange.. None of the history is listed. Maybe one needs eBay account to log in and view the history. I don't have one, over there Dabitch isn't a name, and their "family policy" rejects it. ;)

Even when you log in there is no history list, and no winner of the bid listed. Very curious - anyone else smell a SCAM here?

That auction was pulled. New listing here:

EBay auction for superbowl ad "On Tuesday night, Nov. 10, after 141 bids (and over 20,000 unique hits), eBay put a premature halt to our original auction, due to a technicality regarding our phone number.... "

From the creativity newsletter: "The original offer listed the agency's
phone number, an eBay no-no. Monday night, bidding on the original
listing had reached $350,000, while the relisted offer is currently going
for $40,400. In the meantime, B/O seems to have kicked off an eBay
trendlet. You can now also bid on Super Bowl concepts developed by a pair
of "hip Hollywood filmmakers", the author of The Beanie Baby Handbook, a
Las Vegas production company or the proud holder of an MFA in creative

hey guys the auction is back!

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