brands and their fans.


Cheer up adgrunts, there is still such a thing as a loyal customer and brand devoted followers - they're attracted to the ad&design savvy brands.

In Japan people line up for a peek into the Apple Mac shop, and the line goes on for several blocks. Or forever - I think I see the seasons change before the camera crew reaches the professional "end of line" sign holder at the end.

Apple is not alone - Nike has fans like these, who camp out for 4 days hoping to get their greedy mitts on a limited shoe. This rather more eventful movie was found at Freshnessmag. Hat tip Jason.

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  • CopyWhore's picture

    Yay! So it's not all for nought after all! (Guess you've just gotta be one of the lucky few working on a brand that "gets it.")

    Truth is, it stands to reason that the best work builds the brands that become the best. (Say that 10 times fast!) And the clients who fail to grasp the simplicity of this premise deserve to be the B and C listers that they are!

    Call it laissez-faire advertising excellence, if you will...

    Dec 10, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    True true true. Gotta love the simple consistency of Apple's ad campaigns for their dream machines. (Kudos to Chiat/Day!)

    Also, Nike, Hello - the Brand that almost singlehandidly created a market. Again, very consistent with their ad-itude.

    There might be a moral of the story here.. Consistency, simplicity and relevance to the punters = a A-list Brand!

    Dec 10, 2003

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