Brazil Cracks Down on the Oldest Ploy in the Book


Brazil Cracks Down on the Oldest Ploy in the Book


Please God, don't let this be a trend!

> Taking sex away from alcohol advertising is like tossing water onto the
> Wicked Witch...
> from the Creativity email:
> Brazil's National Advertising Regulatory Council -- the industry's
> self-regulating watchdog agency -- has issued new guidelines
> banning erotic content, and all cartoon characters (just for good measure), from ads for
> alcholic beverages, which should lead to some interesting new product
> claims. "Booze. It makes you smart!"


from the article:

"Brazilian (news - web sites) alcohol ads frequently use stunning models in tiny bikinis sipping draft beer in bars or clutching bottles of ice-cold beer. "

I guess that means we'll not see any more of these type of ads (in brazil) for the next three months (at least).

"Booze. It only makes you think you're smart!"

Does the mere use of attractive people count as erotic content?

hehe. well, if they need to "avoid the use of eroticism" it could mean avoiding nearly anthing.... What if some people think beer itself is erotic? ;)

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