Brazilian ad agency Africa creates dead end website on Pinterest


Look, I get it. As an agency, you want to be hip and cutting edge. As an agency, you want to showcase your work while simultaneously show off your awesome web-skillz. This is why we have Grey on Facebook, Holler Sydney on Pinterest and Tribal DDB on Instagram. And now, Africa creates a dead end website on Pinterest.
The URL leads to pinterest, where every lovely image leads to... a larger version of that very same image. Really? Yes. That's not really using Pinterests features very well, now is it? For example, how exactly do I get in touch with the agency? Find my way to their offices in New York, San Fran or Sao Paolo? Find their phone number? I can copy paste the facebook URL they have in their Pinterest profile, and then stare at a facebook page equally devoid of contact information. Yes, I realize I can message them, but now you are assuming I have a facebok account. They'd make this brag-site 1000% more usable if they made each image link to an about page with a phone number and/or email on it. Sheesh. This one is free, the next SM-advice will be billed, Africa. Mail me. Smooches.

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