Breaking up with advertising...


Breaking up with advertising...

A new twist on the consumer is your wife! She now wants a divorce!

.. hehehe. Submitted via Brandflakesfobreakfast who got it from Geert Desager.

The Break Up



I just choked on my pen lid.

Perfect copy and perfectly boring in execution.

meh. definitely could have been better.

I love the "28-34" comment though. As we know, all target markets die at 34.

my review:

The Breakup is an expertly filmed self-knowing yawn, made for the advertising community that told me exactly what i arleady know, (i.e. we don't communicate correctly to our consumers) and then leaves me with a link to a self-promotional blog. which, of course is a symptom of the problem itself: endless self-promotion.

Characters: generic advertising stereotypes. a. the 'creative' in the banana republic sweater and messed hair, self-obsessed with the same bag of tricks. b. the hot girl in the banana republic shirt.

And it's a good thing they didn't think we were smart enough to get who was who without those words strewn across their sweaters because golly i wouldn't have known without it! thanks for underestimating the advertisign community, let alone the consumers.

Also notice the important plot point left out, perhaps on the cutting room floor, that the consumer never gets a chance to actually communicate what she is looking for. just that she wasn't happy. perhaps the creatives who made the movie still don't know what she wants?

or maybe-- and this is a long stretch, but just maybe there will be a sequal this summer.
though i doubt it.

rating: 1 star out of a possible 4.

I give it two stars, because the thought really isn't that bad and the conversation while it could be better is OK. It's the dry execution and the T-shirts that bring it down.

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