Britney all day and all of the night.


Britney all day and all of the night.

Japanese beverage co GG tea promotes tea soda and Peach tea with a little help from Britney Spears and 1960's pop classic tunes. After dancing through the times with a Pepsi, has Britney been typecast in the soft drink category?

want to watch the ads? simply click on each image to go directly to their respective locations at the japanese site. Quicktime and Flash are required.

dancing along to the Kinks "girl I want to be with you (all day all night)" and below, wiggling in tune to another sixties classic.

the stylish japanese target market may have a fetish for sixties kitch - though this Britney and sixties pop combination feels rather far-fetched.



I find it interesting that they decided that Britney's image was more important than her voice. Could it be that she's now only bankable as eye candy?

Whatever she's selling, I'll buy it all!

Rob, how 'bout a Valtrex commercial?...

"Oops... they're flairing again
These genital warts, got them from a Dane
Oh baby, baby
Oooh!... They're hurting like hell
My herpes ain't well
I'm not that innocent."

me too

She sings too?

could it be that they simply couldn't afford Britney's voice too? She's a mighty expensive go-go dancer.

it's a well perfected tea rain dance, guys. yep. she's a godess.

She's a very expensive exotic dancer. I don't mind that as much as the combination of that and her "wholesome" image. Slut around with snakes on stage and claim virginity. smells fishy.

She better grab all the overseas work she can get. Here in the US, she may be accellerating toward those long-distance/collect call phone service spots faster than Carrot Top.

She'd do well to follow the David Hasselhoff career path.

What an ace find. :) I come here for these kinds of quirky finds and the comments.

I want twohundred thousand bottles of that damn tea.

Am I the only one who can't stand Britney??

No you're not. I'm with you. :)

Right there with both of you... I cringe that my 12-year old sister's fashion sense is influenced by that trollop. Or any pop princess leered over by aging, balding men (and Bob Dole)...

(its true so forget debating that part of it)

but what I want to know is if she gave it to justin, who gave it to her??? she was seen buying a medecine for it in her home town in louisiana

yes - actually it is true. its all hush hush in the media because no one wants to tarnish her sexually ripe image but personally I think its only a matter of time because one of her sexual partners almost came clean with it.

Britney spears has one known STD (herpes) but her press people are brilliant at masking the fact with her virgin, " I only slept with Justin" campaign. Its cute, but dont believe it folks. Its sort of tragic - but shes not an all out slut either. Apparently she slept with someone who TOTALLY has this and she thought her symp0toms were a yeast infection, but thats not true. Very very few of her closest people know it, including a doctor sworn to secrecy. So now shes upset that she might have given it to Justin and only those two *know WHY they split up. Guys like me may have a "schwing" when we see her naked even still but it ... but deep down when I think about her problem that hardon will go down awful quick! She shows everything but her vagina on stage for a reason. I have to start fantasizing about sleeping with someone else like Beyonce because Britney has the cooties, (known fact, people!)

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