Britney and Justin - together for GAP

I ask, who needs to see them one more time? I can't be the only person on the planet utterly sick of the Britney and Justin saga, please tell me I'm not.

Britney and Justin will quite likely reunite for a GAP advert, they have yet to agree but the deal will net them more than 1,6 million dollars (US) each. Since they have a history of selling out to the highest bidder, Justin just made quite a bundle for his McDonalds deal, GAP can consider the deal done. Quite obviously advertising execs already do as they have spoken to ananova about it.

They'll sing, I'll hurl. Gap needs not worry as I never once gave them my patronage, and certainly never will after these ads.

obligatory teen-idol pic. remember when idols who sold out were bad? Then again, these guys are manufactured from the start, ho-hum.