Browse adgrunts by title - find future colleagues, friends and fans.


Browse adgrunts by title - find future colleagues, friends and fans.

I was talking to Lotta last night over a few super huge Czech beers about this super cute owl tray that she's made (and sells, I'm so getting one it's adorable), and it suddenly hit me - why can't we browse adgrunts by their titles? I mean, in order to find Lottas page with that tray, you first need to find her. So I got cracking, and now there's a rigid horrible-oh-no-don't-box-me-in-please drop-down menu where you can choose a title that suits. Note the word "can", you don't have to. But is a good way that allows other adgrunts here to find you and by extension, your homepage (if listed) by title.
Art Director (etc and so on)

You'll find this drop-down menu under the tab "personal" in your account. To make things a little more rigid, the titles are genderless, "actor" instead of both actor and actress.

The etcetera and so on rest of the titles:
3D animation
Account Coordinator
Account Director
Account Manager
Account Executive
Creative Director
Couch Potato
Human Resources
Public Relations
Lawyer (I've turned four paralegals and eleven attorneys into lawyers here. I know it's not the same thing.)
Strategy Director
Sound Engineer
Marketing Director
Media Trendspotter
Web Designer
Rocket Scientist
Housewife Extraordinare


I know that a few adgrunts were simply "writers" or "wordsmiths" or "educated bum" or "musician designer illustrator" so it might be tough to stick to one thing, but keep in mind that your homepage can flaunt all your skills.

I'll add more titles as needed. Let me know if yours is missing and there is no other good fit.

I really fit about 4 or 5 titles, but I should also have "Consultant". (IT Consultant, Web Designer, Systems Architect, Engineer, Software Developer, Software Designer, Boy/Girl Genius, Trivia Expert, etc. all fit me). :-)

Yeah, you're like the third person to tell me that "I fit more than one title" - which is fine, I get that too - I mean I am an art director but last gig was as an Illustrator.
However, when it comes to 'selling my skills' I find it is better that I am listed under "Art Director", and then people can look on my page, rather than "Illustrator" or even "Designer" as I have more Art Direction and Concepting work on my portfolio site. If I decide to rebrand one day and put more illustration work on my portfolio site, I'll change title here so that it's easier to find me.

See? So if you happen to be a producer that also writes radio and sings in a band, you should probably stil be listed as producer. Unless you want to get eyballs to your bands page, in which case choosing "musician" is better.

Obviously, this was meant as a way to find adgrunts (by title) and their homepages (showing their work). Now all the adgrunts who have suggested their title to be as "Army" or "Doctor" or "Engineer" aren't the types that need eyeballs on their portfolio sites, nor do they have any - so I think I might delete the "non ad jobs" like "lawyer" off that list.

Ps - this is also why I'm only listing "creative director" and not "head of art" , "group head" or ACD or ECD because really guys, lets just call a spade a spade.

I think you should add "Boy/Girl Genius" because it covers so many things. :-)

That's what "Rocket scientist" is for!

But that might be considered insulting to some friends of mine at NASA (or ESU) (i.e. lumping them with mere geniuses).

I guess I need to modify mine to "Rocket Scientist"....

Actually that was my first title at my first ad agency (not when I was on placement) - we had done a campaign and the CD was sending it in to some awards/trade press or something and was confused what my title would be (Assistant Art Director? Art Director? Junior Art Director? Orginalare? Designer? Assistant copywriter?) and I got a little ticked off by the question since I had written the whole damn campaign myself, not merely assisted the senior AD, so I replied "Rocket Scientist"

and he put it in there. :) Bless him.

Lets assume that all the ad people (planners, writers, ad exec, art directors etc) are the ones that really want to find each other. Perhaps the non adjobs shouldn't be an option, we simply leave them out.

Also, I'd like to find say, illustrators that are in city or country X, could we sort them by country sometime in the future?

Hmm, the "sort by geography" isn't a bad idea, but then I'd have to make that a drop-down too perhaps (people can write that they live on the dark side of the moon if they want to now), and I'd really hate a drop-down location menu they get so huge. I'll try and figure out another way to do it.

As for the "non adpeople" adgrunts I can totally see a use for them finding each other, there are many many students here, and their teachers and professors as well. Students might want to help each other out with essays or ideas for them, and I'm guessing that ad profs and teachers might want to say hi to their colleagues as well. Youknow?

Yeah I didn't think of what a pain long drop-down menus are. But this is good, the more community bits we get the better. I might be the only one who misses the internal mail system.

I hated that thing, but that was because it just kept filling up with messages. I had 400 messages one day! I appreciate people want to be friendly and all, but uhm, you want me to have time to post stuff too right? ;) Hahaha, but it wasn't really that, it was that I went through the hostbox, my inbox, and felt like I had 'taken care of that'....and then I came to the site and felt "Oh no, more messages!". Makes it easier with everything sent to my mail now instead. When I checked people were using that system, but as there were no messages sent to the users (mailboxes) about new messages they could go unreplied forever. ANd the sendee might feel rejected/ignored in such cases.

Also, since you can now choose if you want to accept mails from other users here, and your mail-address still doesn't show I figure that was a good compromise.

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