Building an image and making it stick


The increasing challenge for advertisers is to build new brands and keep established brands going in an environment where consumers can quickly and easily filter out ads. Advertisers must find new and creative ways of reaching their intended audience in order for a brand to succeed.

Global Brands
BusinessWeek/Interbrand rank the companies that best built their images -- and made them stick

Advertisers who want to reach the Bublitz family of Montgomery, Ohio, have to leap a lot of hurdles. Telemarketing? Forget it -- the family of five has Caller ID. The Internet? No way -- they long ago installed spam and pop-up ad blockers on their three home computers. Radio? Rudy Bublitz, 47, has noncommercial satellite radio in his car and in the home. Television? Not likely -- the family records its favorite shows on TiVo and skips most ads. "The real beauty is that if we choose to shut advertising out, we can," Rudy says. "We call the shots with advertisers today."

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