Bumper Ads (1-800 PET-BUTLER)


Bumper Ads (1-800 PET-BUTLER)


I started advertising in Lexington Ky for Pet Butler. I created these bumper ads. I catch people every day taking pictures as they drive behind or when it is parked in a lot.

See a larger image if you wish, and below:


HAHAHAAHA - I bet they do!

A little potty-humor goes a long way.

*clicks FIVE HEARTS click click click* Heeeey, where the hell are the hearts?

Forum posts don't get ratings since we usually just fool around in here. (PS I edited your title to add the 1800-pet-butler thig just so that people can find it when searching later)

Nevermind that, I'm so amused by this I'm moving it to the front page.

Thanks. Five hearts it is. :)

I like the less-gross one, that is the one with the Lab on the loo.

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