Burger King and Superman make kids go outside and play

It seems that that talk about children's obesity possibly caused by advertising fatty foods and fast foods has made at least one brand of junk eats finally change their kid marketing tactic. It's Burger King's latest superman movie tie-in where all the toys are outdoor activity type things or an accessory for your workout. If your kids are only motivated by competition, you can find supermans scores on the website - try and keep up with that!

In previous does fast food advertising make children fat posts, I ended up arguing with Dan Jaffe in the comments.

Fair warning - bring up that fantasy about Sweden not having ads targeting children one more time and I'll.. I'll.... Why I'll force you to live there so you can see how wrong you are. ;)

Bonus points for the text at the top of the page that yells: HEY KIDS THIS IS ADVERTISING! Nice.

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