butterflies pollute new york city

Microsoft Corp. apologized to New York City Cnn reports.

The fashion police did not arrest the rollerblading butterfly winged spokespeople Microsoft sent out on New York city streets last week, but it's only a matter of time.

Wait! There's more on this latest flap...

Microsoft was fined $50 for throwing those damn butterfly stickers everywhere.

That's the standard fine for messing up city pavements - though it looks like when IBM conqured the pavements for their IBM/Linux campaign, they were fined 50 dollars per ad. See our older article City Fights Back about the spray painted linux revolution ads.

Guerrilla advertising has proven popular so much that specialized agencies open just to serve clients this type of advertising. It's a crying shame the agency didn't check for permits for stickers as they would have found that you can't even get one in NYC - it's illegal all the way.
You'd think an agency specialized in a topic would know a little more about it, but I hear guerrilla agencies don't have media departments.

The commercial with the butterfly man - is uploaded here. You'll need to be a super adgrunt to watch it.

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