Buy a Bobby A Beer, lets do something nice for Asyraf Haziq, Keep Aaron cutting

Fullers wants to buy the hard working police a beer, any member of the England and Wales Police, Fire or Ambulance Services who presents a valid ID card in a participating pub can pick up a pint of London Pride (or wine or a soft drink) at participating pubs during the the weekend of Aug 19-21. We know they deserve one.

Meanwhile, the interns at BBH London saw the photo of Aaron Biber, 89, inspecting his barber shop that had been trashed during the riots. They want to Keep Aaron Cutting, and have launched said site to raise money to replace all of Aaron's stolen and damaged items. Including the kettle som idiot actually nicked.

Asyraf Haziq was the unfortunate student from Malaysia who had his bike stolen, his jaw broken and then his backpack ransacked by people who were helping him up. Twitter responded with lets do something nice for Asyraf Haziq, where you can vote on what you think should be done. One of the ideas is to pay for his student fees at Kaplan.

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