Buy a poster with stacked objects, proceeds go to help a child with autism


Lets be serious for a moment, even if I might be inviting nutters comments on this. Truth is, science hasn't pinpointed exactly what causes autism yet, but agree that heritability contributes about 90% of the risk of a child developing autism. But it's not caused by ultrasounds despite what some panicky newsreports want you to believe. Nor is it caused by vaccinations, so please don't cause the death of other babies by not vaccinating your child. Having a child with autism is no picnick, and it's only natural that parents would want to know what caused it.

There's a little boy named Jack who has autism, and PlanB wants to help him. If you buy a beautiful poster, your money will help Jack attend a son-rise course that helps his development.

Bonus, the poster is really beautiful, whilst showing one of the most common autism symptoms, stacking and sorting objects

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