Buyabeercompany: only 282 millions dollars short of buying Pabst Blue Ribbon

It's been a while since I tweeted about @BuyABeerCompany (in fact, so long that it no longer shows up in twitter search, how disappointing, are they cutting the search off at 2 weeks now or what?) so it's high time for an update. The brainchild of Brian Flatow ( @bwflatow ) of the Ad Store and Leah James* Michael Migliozzi, CD & Managing Partner of of Forza Migliozzi, their buyabeercompany is a crowdsourcing attempt to save a classic american brewery. They only need 282 million dollars to reach the dream of owning a piece of drinkable americana. Just in time for christmas, special gift bits are for sale now.

* Leah says that he had nothing to do with it and the blame lies with Michael Migliozzi and Brian Flatlow. They say they came up with it after joking back and forth, but, although denied, I bet there was some drinking involved.

Fearing what was once America's most famous brewery could be America's last, the over 750,000 pledges, averaging $19.50 per individual, have poured in with great speed and much adoration for the product and the unique opportunity. "Save PBR" "Keep Milwaukee proud" "Unite Men, Women. Together we can save & buy Pabst Brewing Co. Spread the word."

Michael Migliozzi, managing partner of Forza Migliozzi and Brian Flatow, President of The Ad Store released a joint statement on the amazingly successful tone this project has taken on, "What better way to reach a goal than to crowdsource mass numbers of individuals who have both passion for a project and the desire to follow through with their investment once the goal has been reached. We couldn't be more excited as we move toward our goal."

As the principles of crowdsourcing suggest this "offer of a lifetime" is open to anyone (21 years or older), anywhere that has $5.00 USD. For the cost of a single bottle of beer, you will have crowdsourced ownership in Pabst Brewing Company. All you have to do is visit, pledge $5.00 and once the purchase amount is met, you will receive a letter of congratulations and your very own, and a first, a crowdsourced certificate of ownership suitable for framing, as well as, enough beer matching your ownership.

A new feature will be added to for the Christmas season, starting on or before December 8, 2009, users will be able to give the gift of owning a brewery with a special gift pledge program.

The Pabst Brewing Company, brewing over 30 different well-known brands, from Schlitz Malt Liquor to Blatz to everyone’s favorite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, known affectionately as PBR has been listed for sale for anyone who can come up with $300 million dollars.

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