BuyMusic Rips Off Apple - Twice!

Something eerily familiar about those ads?

This article in Slate details how BuyMusic's new ads are blatant and shameless rip-offs of Apple's iTunes ads. Even their slogan - "Music Downloads for the Rest of Us" - rip-off the ad slogan Apple used to launch the iMac way back when.

The buymusic ads are already in the archive, as well as most of apples ads.;


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  • AlphaSquirrel's picture

    I think what they're getting at — with the multiple singers and Tommy Lee smashing the guitar — is that their difference is music downloads for the majority: Windows users.

    Now, it's not a defense; I'm just guessing at the reasoning. As satire, it's not clever enough, and with the whole look and feel, they just seem to be cashing in on Apple's branding. There's a place for parody that helps a brand define itself. This is just lame.

    Aug 05, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    whats really lame though is their price; 79cents they brag, but I have yet to find a song for that. Most of them are for 1.19, and all songs have different conditions of use. Way to go making things more complicated!

    Aug 05, 2003
  • Robblink's picture

    When I first say the BuyMusic commercials, I thought it was Apple, but it was different. It looked cheaper and not as sharp. Then I saw the logo and thought that maybe Apple sold or merged their music division. Now I know that it's a ripoff! Just by looking at the screenshots, you can tell the difference between the two commercials. Apple is subltly better!

    Aug 05, 2003
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    I thought they were Apple ads myself. Never really paid enough attention to realize they were for another company. (Yea I know it's bad for me not to be paying close attention as a adgrunt). But, it really does show the fine line for satire ads- they can easily go from a spoof to providing almost free advertising for the company they are spoofing. Espcially since it's not blatent that it's a different ad (at a quick glance).
    But it's just another example of stupid companies doing "what the competition" does. Drives me nuts.

    Aug 05, 2003
  • errol's picture

    Apparently they don't just rip-off ideas from other companies... they rip off the artistes whose music they sell...

    found this link in

    " Here's what I've deduced... (which I will refer to as BM) got their "vast" music library of 300,000 plus songs from a company called the Orchard. The Orchard is a distribution company that has consistently shafted artists by not paying them for CD's sold nor returning unsold CD's or cancelling contracts. So, without the express consent of what is likely lots of the Orchards catalog, BM has put it up for sale at the bargain price of $.79 a song."

    Aug 06, 2003
  • cafemuse's picture

    This company has illegally licensed much of its artists who had "bad" deals with Orchard, a small NY based company.

    Aug 07, 2003
  • cafemuse's picture

    Well now the've done it. The superpowers in the music industry have dropped the price of CD's hoping people will come back. Or is it a desperate attempt to hike the units sales (not revenues) so somebody buys the company. Sure dont think its part of the NBC package, unless NBC is willing to sell downloads like these other monkeys.

    Sep 04, 2003

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