Bzzagent doing everything wrong - comment spam on the rise

In yesterdays adcritic email Jim quipped sarcastically:

"A lot of bloggers are, um, buzzing about the cover story in yesterday's
New York Times Magazine about Boston word-of-mouth firm BzzAgent. We assume this is because they are all secretly working for the company."
You can check Technorati to see how many people blogged that NYT article.

While that is not suprising in the least, the rocket rise of comment spam on blogs lately is annoying as hell, and it seems being used to discredit people. Kevin at had to blacklist, and from his blog as he was getting spam from said domains. He also got blogspam from, but it looks like this was done without J Calacanis knowledge, see this post Comment Spam not from me… BzzAgent and WOMMA taking the low road?

It looks to me like the blogspammers are nothing but spammers, rather than actual marketeers with a clue, does this apply to their growing rooster of agents written about in the NYT who shill everything from hot dogs to lipgloss to their friends as well? Do you know a spammer? What should we call the real life version of them?
Here in Denmark, yesterdays Metro newspaper lead with the headline "Hidden advertisments everywhere" and Minister Henriette Kjær calls for making stealth advertising in any way shape or form illegal. The consumer ombudsman Hagen Jørgensen has been calling for stricter laws since 1999: "I have tried to get a debate going about hidden advertisments for a long time. If we don't acknowledge hiddens ads as a problem soon the Danish consumers won't be able to choose when they will be advertised to."

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