The Caffeinegoddess got married.

We've had good reason to be a little quiet around here despite hip happenings in the world of Adland as the Caffeinegoddess got married last Saturday in Salem, MA. I was there as the maid of honour and my daughter was the flowergirl.

Quite a different trip from my normal travels as I didn't visit any ad agencies, but I did get to see whales outside of Boston. Whales breaching! Very cool.

Also, I got to celebrate ten years of Adlist being the best advertising mailinglist on earth with none other than longtime listers Alec Long, Grant Sanders, John Backman, our own famous Clayton T Claymore and last but not least Steve Hardy who travelled down from Canada, plus tag-along better halves and wee ones. Much beer was consumed, pool was played and silly adjokes told - more on that later as we all brought cameras but most are probably not safe for work... if you work someplace they hate beer, which is probably in hell. Poor you!

Meanwhile, yes the RSS feeds have become borked around here and now that Mommy is back I'll look into it and fix it. Ta-ta.