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What's Caine's Arcade, you ask? It's a heartwarming film about a little boy named Caine, and his arcade. Created by L.A. based ad shop Interconnected, Caine's Arcade tells the true story of a boy who uses his imagination and nine year old scientific know how to create a cardboard arcade that no one uses. Until one day, things change. A man (who I think just might be Interconnected's founder Nirvan Mullick) decides to buy a fun pass for Caine's arcade. He is so taken with Caine, he organizes a flash mob to get people to show up and play his games.

It's a nice story and the way socially conscious advertising should be. It's nicely shot.
Caine is likable. As is his dad who is nice enough to let Caine indulge his curiosities in his shop.

What I like is that the film doesn't hit you over the head with a donate-to-Caine's-College-Fund button. It saves it for the very last frame. Including a drive to their word press web site as well as the usual Like Us Share us buttons.

Judging by the results on their website, their modest goal is not quite halfway reached, but no doubt it will be, as people are starved for heart warming stories of the non-smarmy type. And why not help invest in a kid's future, right?

Who knows? Maybe his father's business might increase as a result.

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