Calvin Klein at it again, with an unplanned twist.


Calvin Klein at it again, with an unplanned twist.


Calvin Klein courts their usual controversy with a massive billboard on Houston street showing a near bump and grind threesome in New York City. Meanwhile, in an unplanned PR twist, CK's brandname is getting soiled in connection with the Michael Jackson case, investigators have seized two pairs of Calvin Klein briefs, while investigating the child abuse claims. Googling the magic words Calvin Klein now brings unplanned pedo controversy, ouch.


I'm not surprised. I think that there is a possibility that the pedophiles sees CK as some sort of generic for them all since the company used Kate Moss as their house-model.

Maybe that dates all the way back to when 15-year old Brooke purred "nothing comes between me and my Calvins"..... ;)

Probably. And I salute the deep dabitchwell of ad-memorabilia! :)

With what are you saluting?

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