Can you guess the website by just one letter?


Can you guess the website by just one letter?


Hey kids. We've played the Can you guess the movie title from just one letter? (and no, surprise, they were not all Trajan Pro.)

Now lets do it again but web-nerdier - guess the website from just one letter!

Axonoid's guess the Logos is friendlier than the Movie guessing game as it's case insensitive and space insensitive. Go nuts.


Thanks a lot for linking to my Logo Quiz!
And thanks for the kind words VS the movie logo quiz!
I'll certainly make other quiz in the future. :)

I got it right on my second try! WhooHoo! (I only missed one, I thought "Ask" was still called "Ask jeeves" which goes to show how often I use that site - hehe)

You mean Ask is still going? Next you'll be telling me AltaVista is still out there!


Altavista is still out there! hehe!

I've just doubled their hit count. :)

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