Canada and Australia have a lot in common.


You might have noticed that I mention the canadians teabaggers here once in a while, well, some hawkeyed ranter in that online forum has discovered yet another rip-off.

Now it's the Molson Rant that has been ripped off by Fosters Australia.

Try as you might, you could not avoid the avalanche of popularity the Molson Canadian Beer ad "The Rant" got this spring.

It was avidly written about in the tradepress, gossiped about in the regular Canadian press, and it even had it's own tail of urban myths.
Here are the two ads side by side. What do you think happened, divine inspiration or were someones noses buried too deep in the tradepress? And we're not the only ones to notice the non-difference, even the Australian news has raised an eyebrow.

Carlton United Breweries vice-president of marketing Paul Kennedy denied the brewery had stolen the idea, but admitted the Molson ads were an "inspiration". Oh, OK, that clears that up. So that's what it's called, eh?

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