Cannes Future Lions entries - ideas to help the music business.

Here's another couple of entries to the AKQA-hosted Future Lions awards, also from students at the School of communication arts (my old school back in the 1.0 Gillard ruled version, hep hep!). Just like the White Bull Lager Army film being discussed further down. These are created by Victoria Trow ( @victoria_trow ) and Tom Houser ( @tomhouser ). First up, a way to create new channels of revenue for the poor music companies.

Selling posters with embedded special concerts & gigs in the poster, NEAT-O. A bit like the BEP360 with the ability to move the iPhone or ipad to see the gig from any angle. This could, and should, be done tomorrow, there's something interesting in this idea, IMHO, YMMV.

Here's another idea, that wants to sneak through the Chinese intarweb censors through the Apple app store. Good luck with that.

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